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Summer is here, we have a ton of fresh produce including PEACHES! That's right Peaches are in the markets now straight from Fredericksburg and other Texas neighborhoods. Stop by soon and pick some up. They will have you coming back and back and back.
Welcome!  The San Antonio Farmer's Market Association operates the areas original Farmer's Markets, offering farm-fresh produce for more than 20 years. Have you ever seen or eaten a black radish? How 'bout a lemon bigger than a grapefruit, raw peanuts? Have you tasted fresh Anise Hyssop or grown your own heirloom tomatoes? Well now you can. These products and many more are waiting for you at a San Antonio Farmer's Market in your area. 

The San Antonio Farmer's Market is your neighborhood farmer's market, hosting locally grown produce from area farmers. Our farmers grow the best varieties of hybrid and heirloom produce, picked at the peak of ripeness, just hours before market to ensure you get the very best, the very freshest produce. 

Come to a market in your neighborhood. It's your opportunity to meet and speak with the farmers who grow your food. You can ask for ideas or recipes for using the produce, even tips for growing it yourselves.  For a complete market schedule click Shop Locally.

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